What is special about Canada that everyone should know?


The majestic mountains of Canada are famous in the entire world for natural phenomena. The country has the largest lakes in the world and many other geographical phenomena, which you will hardly see in one place. People are very polite down to earth and the country is peaceful. The majority of the season belongs to extreme winter so you should be ready to face snowfall all and extremely wintry days. If yo want to visit Canada, you might want to start saving since it could get really expensive. However, if you try and play กดที่นี่ online, you could actually make the money you need for the trip. 


Enjoy the longest coastline in the world in Canada. You will be surprised to know but Canada has the longest coastline and the distance is nearly 243000 kilometers. On the Shore, you can find nearly 52455 Islands. If you will walk barefoot on the coastline of Canada, it will take years to cover the entire area. Search geographical locations are hardly available in any other country.

Millions of lakes

Canada is the country of lakes. We are saying so because millions of lakes are there. As per estimation, nearly two million lakes are there. The best part is that Majestic Mountains surround most of the lakes and you can have a magnificent view from that. The largest lake is Lake Huron, which is located in Ontario. You can also find large lakes in Manitoba. Some of the largest lakes are situated in Canada. You can spend considerable time in the lap of nature exploring various lakes and having a good time with your friends or relatives.

Oldest Rock Mountains

Canada is enriched in the matter of natural phenomena. The Rocky Mountains are one of the most prominent features of the topography of Canada. The best part is that you can find the world’s oldest Rock Mountain here. In 2001, geologists discovered that the oldest mountain is 4.28 billion years old in Canada. It was discovered nearby the Eastern shore of Hudson Bay in northern Quebec. Mountains are always favorite for tourists and in many cases; they love to explore the vast Horizons of this natural phenomenon. If you are looking forward to exploring the oldest Rock Mountain, you must visit this part of Canada.

Big cities

The other thing that you will find that some of the Canadian cities have more than 1 million residents. This includes Toronto Ontario, Vancouver to Calgary and Edmonton, and Ottawa. As per the statistical data, Toronto City comes one of the tops of crowded cities in the entire world. However, the geographical area is so washed in Canada that it still comes under the lowest populated countries with only 3.9 people per square kilometer. As per the estimation of 2019, the total population is nearly 37 million.

Extreme weather

The largest province of the country is Quebec City. The weather is extremely chilly here. If you are planning to visit, ensure that you have enough woolen clothes and other arrangements to keep yourself warm. However, people are quite Cooperative there and they help each other to survive well in the extreme weather conditions as well. We hope with this information you will have a more meaningful visit to Canada.

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