World News In Connection To The Canadian Situations

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When the pandemic has started, people might have got no idea that this will be extended for a year and more. Even though they know sitting at home is the safest mode that has to be accepted for a while, people are seen travelling the world with the mask! Earn money and get the protection you need. Play simple and interactive betting games at ufa เข้าสู่ระบบ.

Covid Protocols Are Getting Violated

After the long weekend of Easter, people have been advised to stay at home safely. Travelling is not safe now. So it is better to follow the guidelines of public health. Along with that, it was an unsurprised rally that occurred in the name of anti-mask! The mayor was shocked on seeing the group photo taken and spread in the media. The group included people of the age of kids. He responded that these protestors would become the next variant to spread the corona more easily to the people who are safe inside their homes.

Are There Homeless People Out There?

The LGBTQ2S was announced by JHSS(John Howard Society of Saskatchewan) to raise funds for building homes for them. It was announced in between the campaign that was occurred on Thursday.

Firstly a home was rented in Regina from a housing provider. It consists of five bedrooms and is named Lulu’s Lodge. It is decided to give this house as a transitional home for these people who belonged in LGBTQ2S. The members in this include the youth at the age between 16 and 20. And it is reported that most of the Canadian people who are homeless for a while are all members of this LGBTQ community. So, giving a home in a supportive manner gives them a sense of belonging and family. Because most of these people in this community are youth, the lodge will have a live-in- mentor who will be taking care of these people in support and guidance, whether it is for their education, medicine, family reunification, and legal matters.

Banning Flights From India And Pakistan

The transport minister has said that Canada will be banning passenger flights for about 30 days. To control the spread of covid-19 and the mutant variant is why this decision has been taken. The decision was taken based on the case studies of the last two weeks. The flights that were landed in the last two weeks were about 100. And each of the flights carried at least one affected person on the board. And among these for about 32 flights were reported to be from India. The decision was taken and announced on a Thursday evening.

When the world is thriving on the pandemic, the only way we can fight against this is by staying home. The only way this pandemic can be controlled is by decreasing the level of its spreading. Hoping for a bright future where people could still walk without fear and a mask is not that soon, but it is possible.

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