Offline Vs Online Education in 2021- Which Is Going To Win The War!

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The spread of coronavirus has to lead to the shutdown of schools all over the world. Amidst The growing covid-19 cases and global lockdown, the mode of education has changed drastically.  With the introduction of online schooling, where teaching is done from home by the teachers with the help of the internet, there are numerous debates as to what is better, offline education or online education. And on your free time, you can always play slotpg online to somehow make money. 

The general meaning of online and offline education

When we hear about offline education, people understand it as traditional schooling whereby students are required to attend the school physically and be taught by teachers in person.  And about online education, generally, people think of it as nothing but video conferencing with the teachers while sitting at home on the internet by the students.

Difference between online and offline education

When offline education is about students attending the school traditionally, being present in the school physically and gaining education by teachers in person, online education means education utilizing the internet. The students do not need to attend or be present in the classroom to gain knowledge. They can study from their home simply by using the means of the internet.

Although researches and studies have shown that online education is a better mode of learning than offline education and traditional schools, still the debates about online and offline education continue.  So, let us look at the pros and cons of both to have a better insight into the topic.

Online Education


  • Time flexibility: The students and teachers can choose their convenient time and study in the preferred schedule.
  • Education at a lower cost: Since it requires only internet and a smartphone or a computer, it cuts down the additional costs such as school bus, tuition fee etc.


  • Social isolation: Not developing social skills during online classes is the major disadvantage of online education.
  • Lack of practice-based learning: Not everything can be learnt via the internet; some skills can only be developed when you practice them under the guidance of a specialist.

Offline Education


  • Better learning environment: With the presence of a teacher around, student focus more on the studies.
  • Develop social skills and make new friends:  Traditional schooling improves the social skills of the students.


  • Wastage of time and resources: The online classes can cover up the time wasted during the travel to school and lunch breaks.
  • Classes become boring and less interesting with time: Studying for long time durations makes learning a tiresome process.


As we have seen that both offline and online education systems are here to serve a purpose.  Although we can’t deny that the coming generation would be dependent on the internet and technology for education, we still cannot say that the offline mode of learning does not serve its purpose. The battle continues; only the future will tell us that who wins it.

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