Fun Activities For Kindergarteners


One of the things I love most about teaching is seeing children enjoying themselves while working fun worksheets for kindergarten. This is a powerful way to keep your students engaged and interested in learning. These are some fun activities that you can do with kindergarteners to help them enjoy learning. These are great activities to do with young children.

fun worksheets for kindergarten

Set up a treasure hunting for the children. Split the children into groups of two or more. Give each team a specific time to find the hidden item. Be sure to allow enough time for everyone, even the youngest ones who might get tired. A fun day in kindergarten does not have to be very long or take up a lot of time.

Create a game of Hide-and-Seek. Your child or young teen will have fun searching for items and hiding them for other players. This game can be played as many times as you need and may require more than one person. You can also use a simple doll to act as the ‘hide person’ and have the rest try to find it.

Make a Memory game. Divide the children into two or more groups. Have them line up and then place a number of objects of varying sizes into a bowl. As the game progresses the object is hidden and must be found by the detector.

Have a treasure hunt but make it fun. You can add music, silly string, and just make it fun. Let the children find clues that will lead to the hidden object. It’s a great way to keep your kindergarteners interested in finding their next treasure.

Play Charades. Gather all of the children and form a panel. Each child will judge the posing, while you help them guess their gender. The winner gets to keep the item they guessed. While kindergarten can be difficult, having fun with your child can help them discover their true potential.

Bake a delicious cake. You can bake a themed cake. You can make the cake look just like your child’s favorite cartoon character, or like something they read or saw in a movie. Consider having a pillow fight between the couple to decide who decorates their cake.

Play hide and seek. You can play hide and seek with only the four walls or add a few more pieces. If your child is interested, this fun game in kindergarten doubles as an introduction to physical education.

Organise a singing contest. Ask children to perform a few lines, and then have them sing along as they guess the line. This fun game in kindergarten is great for toddlers because their parents are encouraging them to take part in something they love. Be sure to reward the winners with prizes and let the children know that they will receive a reward if they correctly guess lyrics!

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