The Wedding Party and The Etiquette Behind It


A wedding party is an event typically held after the end of a wedding ceremony, usually as a social gathering for people who have only attended the wedding, therefore the original name wedding: the newly married couple get culture, in the shape of family and friends, for the very first time as husband and wife. The event is supposed to be enjoyable, memorable, and luxurious, with the focus being the newly married couple and their respective families. Typically, it’s also a time for the extended wedding party to come together for one final party before the new life begins. Wedding parties aren’t as traditional now as they were in years gone by; instead a huge array of fun and unique themes are used in the wedding party planning, allowing the wedding party to choose whatever theme appeals to them.


Of course, the wedding party has its own set of duties. For many, the responsibilities of being a part of the bride’s hairdresser, make-up enthusiast, maid of honor and bridesmaids are somewhat humorous in character. However, these duties are still very real and shouldn’t be taken lightly; these people are tasked with helping to make the bride look beautiful, feeling comfortable and looking great on her special day. If you feel that you could do better in some of these traditional jobs than others, then you might want to think about having someone else take care of them; this will allow you to relax during the actual ceremony and spend more time being happy and contented with your position as the bride and groom.


When planning the wedding celebration for your service, you need to choose people who are dependable and responsible. Many brides-to-be underestimate the amount of stress that a wedding can cause and underestimate how much aid a trusted relative, friend, maids and groomsmen can be in relieving the bride and groom of anxiety during the weeks leading up to the ceremony. These individuals have been through wedding ceremonies themselves and know how difficult they can be; they will have the ability to provide you with a shoulder to lean on during the most stressful time of your lives. They will also be there in your stead when something goes wrong (which is all too common at weddings) – that is why they deserve a bit of token of appreciation like some nice groomsmen gifts.


Bridesmaids often times the last people to learn more about the specific cost of the wedding party, so bridesmaids should be made well aware before the invitations go out. When invitations are sent out, it’s often up to the maid of honor or bridesmaids to figure out what to do with their extra cash. If you are concerned about how much money you will need to spend, ask the bridesmaids to get hints. While they may not always have ideas, they ought to still have the ability to give you an idea of just how much the wedding will cost to complete, and what the good options are.


The wedding celebration also helps with the thank you notes following the ceremony. Many couples will not have someone local to address the envelopes, so the note cards are dealt with by the maid of honor or bride’s maids, respectively. This can be a very time-consuming part of wedding planning, which is why it is vital to allow as many hands to assist as possible. Having bridesmaids around to help is one of the best ways to achieve this. If the bridesmaids aren’t helping out, the couple will need to take on that responsibility themselves.


One last thing that the wedding party usually does is to make sure that there is enough seating for everyone who’s coming to the party. Wedding tables are traditionally very wide, so a great deal of people need to fit their plates and chairs throughout the aisle. It can be very frustrating when there are far too many guests to seated at a desk. Typically the party organizer will sit down with the whole entourage and determine how many tables are needed, so that no one is left standing without food or drink. For larger tents, the wedding planner can set up several smaller tables to accommodate those coming by different gates or port-a-potties. Usually tables will need to be arranged along the aisle, so that it is easier for the bride to serve the dessert.

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