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On the 6th of Oct a Thursday morning, at 7:30am, a bus arrived at TCAP Family Aquatics and Fitness Centre in the Town of Montague, Prince Edward Island, carrying 20 Buddhist nuns, members of the Great Wisdom Buddhist Institute (GWBI).  A couple of minutes later two busses and a mini van also arrived carrying 70 monks of the Great Enlightenment Buddhist Society (GEBIS). The monks and nuns arrived at TCAP to help revitalize the community recreational centre in Montague, Prince Edward Island.

The recreational facility in TCAP has an important role for our seniors, our parents, our children and more.

The Town and Country Aquatics Plus (TCAP) took over the recreational centre, once proud pool and gymnasium facility that has been allowed to deteriorate in recent years, from a private business.  Within minutes the nuns were busy putting a fresh coat of paint on the walls of the cardio and weight rooms and the yoga studio. Monks divided into three groups charged with removing an unseemly amount of garbage that had collected outside. Others scrubbed pool deck mats, then the pool deck. Others meticulously cleaned the hot tub.
Scrubbing the tub at TCAP Family Aquatics and Fitness Centre

GEBIS participants of the TCAP Family Aquatics and Fitness Center “Scrub the Tub” project shared some of their feedback:

  • Just like flowers of various colours, people of different faiths collectively adorn our world.” ~ Ven. Xing-Yang
  • May we collectively get rid of the impurity from within, and hand in hand, we keep our Island a lovely and blissful place.”  ~ Ven. Xing-Pu
  • May the beauty of the Island and its people endure for a long time! Thank you for your support in offering such a wonderful learning opportunity for us!”  ~ Ven. Xing-Ting

On Facebook, TCAP expressed “profound gratitude” to the monks and nuns for their help on Thursday. “The amount accomplished was nothing short of phenomenal,” reads a Facebook post. “The facility was full and there was such a feeling of determination, hard work and peace in the air.”   The work is tedious but necessary. When it reopens TCAP will be clean. It will be safe. And it will be a welcoming community asset.

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