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COVID-19 battle in Canada

The battle against COVID-19 in Canada has taken a new turn after a variant found in India has been detected in Quebec on April 22. And this variant is known to spread rapidly when compared to the original one. The patient was a recipient of the vaccine dose in January and caught the virus after months.

On the other hand, with the rising cases, the regional governments have been working together to boost the vaccination programs, enhance the capacity of the hospitals, improve the healthcare infrastructure, and various other incentives. The US government has lent a helping hand in shooting up the vaccine doses supply to the nation.

Decisive decade for climate change

On the other headlines, the Biden administration has declared the decade to be a decisive one in achieving its dream reduction in emissions by almost 60% in 2025. At a summit of 40 global leaders, the declaration was made and commitments double the previous declaration. The climate targets need to be aligned with the fight against the virus and equilibrium needs to be achieved to meet the goals of the globe.

Study on human brains missing out through subtraction

Researchers from the University of Virginia are currently studying the human mind’s natural tendency to add elements and overdo work, rather than focusing on the other aspect of subtracting stuff to reduce the workload. Be it Engineering design, writing, cooking, and other activities, such an additional process is done to satisfy the brain and add more to the detriment. The subtractive ideas that can help in the situation are completely overlooked.

Muslims navigating restrictions in second Ramadan post-pandemic

Again with the rising COVID cases in various Muslim-populated nations, hurdles are coming in the smooth organization of mass prayers during the holy month of Ramzan. The pandemic has broken almost 68-70 years of records in these nations where the mass prayer in popular mosques worldwide has been a known thing and was considered a pious opening to the occasion. And now, the authorities have slowly started opening the mosques within a limited timeframe and capacities to stay aligned with everyone’s faith and goodwill. Meanwhile, care is also being taken t prevent a mass gathering that can spike the cases once more.

COVID vaccinations for the poor by the Vatican

The holy church of the Vatican City has now opened up COVID vaccinations for the poor and needy. The sole aim of this is to vaccinate the vulnerable sections of the society and lend a helping hand to them by Easter.

Upcoming Palestinian elections to advocate peace and togetherness

The upcoming democratic elections in Palestine after almost 15 years is a critical step in advocating a new front of global peace and harmony. The election is intended to unite Gaza and West Bank under a single and legitimate authority and advance further towards the cause of peace in the Middle East. The final list of candidates is to come out by April 30.

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