Who We Are

Great Enlightenment Buddhist Institute Society (GEBIS) is a Canadian registered charitable organization which was incorporated in British Columbia, Canada in 2006, and registered in Prince Edward Island in 2008 and in Ontario in 2013.

After a long and wide search for a location in different continents, GEBIS finally arrived at Prince Edward Island, Canada and set up a global platform for advanced Buddhist education. As of the end of year 2013, more than 800 monastics and 3,000 lay practitioners had attended our meditation programs. These practitioners come from all over the world.

Our campus covered in snow.
Our campus covered in snow.

The mission of GEBIS is to nurture monks and nuns, religious education workers, spiritual counselors, ministers, and preachers of the Buddhist faith for the twenty-first century. We will accomplish this mission through the development of an officially registered educational institute, Moonlight International Academy, offering advanced education guided by the principles of Buddhist teaching.

Walking to the assembly hall.
Monks walking in the campus.

The emphasis of the education at Moonlight International Academy will be on integration of Buddhist principles in selected programs. We also focus at the development of qualities of a kind heart, tolerance, forgiveness, and joy in our students, as a foundation for active engagement in the community and benefit of the world.