Monastic Training

Monastic practitioners will learn progressively to become Buddhist scholars with extensive knowledge in Three Receptacles – Sutra, the word of Buddha, Vinaya, the rules and regulations of monastic life, Abhidharma, interpretation of Buddhist doctrine. To achieve this goal we develop leading edge curriculum in Buddhist education. These scholars with in-depth hands-on experience will in turn teach and guide other students to become international Buddhist practitioners who are fluent in multiple languages.

Canonical literature and textbooks.
Canonical literature and textbooks in multiple languages.

Translation of Canonical Literature

Buddhist doctrine is vast like the ocean. Monastic and lay practitioners learn thoroughly in diligence, at the same time, strive to accomplished the translation of canonical literature from Tibetan to Chinese, and translation from Chinese to other languages. These translation will be published and circulated to preserve the most sophisticated meaning and legacy of Buddhism.

Buddhist Preaching

The harmony between countries, religions, cultures could be enhanced by preaching the Buddhist doctrine to the whole world, with unique legacy and inheritance of Buddhist teaching, bringing people the healthiest way of life, self-assertiveness, by taking control of the direction and quality of one’s own life.

DiverseCity 2014 Summerside
DiverseCity 2014 Summerside

Cultural Exchange and Moral Education

Being the most ancient civilization in the East, the long-lasting Chinese civilization, with ItsĀ  feature of multiethnic cultures, is spread all over the world. Promotion of Chinese culture with strong emphasis on moral education and Confucianism further enhance world peace and kindness.

Community in Harmony

The prosperity of local community and country and the well being of people can be achieved by organizing activities such as seminars, workshops, meditation course, and participating in charity services.

Seminar for the communities.
Seminar for the communities.

Charity and Relief Work

Life is full of possibilities. A positive change in life can be done by helping people in need get out of difficult situations and poverty, offering counseling service for people with trauma in natural disaster and warfare, giving them the strongest spiritual and physical support, helping physical challenged people develop an optimistic mind and start a new page in life.

Environmental Protection

The planet can be saved by planting trees, animal protection and less killing. Become a vegetarian can save our planet too. The earth can be restored by using less pesticides and agricultural chemicals, which are seriously harmful to the soil and our health. Preventing pollution and preserving the source of clean water and clean air are crucial to environmental protection.

Planting a tree.
Planting a tree.