Problems with the Client

This week, I had a confrontation with a producer, who is suppose to be taking care of a mutual client of ours.

This producers expectations, in terms of who was responsible for the initiation of a campaign production, where not the same as mine.

As a result we had a very major confrontation in which he developed very bad feeling towards me.

This producer did the clients first commercial, and received the work because of my recommendation. It aired for three years, and the client was wanting to do a new commercial.

The client seemed reluctant to call the incumbent producer to create his new commercial as it was assumed it would be as expensive as the first commercial, and the clients present budget was less than half of the original.

The client and I discussed his budget, and without asking for a quote, we dismissed using the same incumbent producer. The producer would often complain to me when he has to work with a small budget.

As a result, at that time, he was not asked for a quote. I suggested two other production companies that could do the work for the smaller budget. I then took work off for 3 weeks for holidays, and renovated the house I have just moved into.

Before I left, I discussed with the client that he needed to contact one of the production companies and get a commercial production scheduled. I was of the understanding the client was going to call all three producers, get quotes and pick one to work with.

When I came back to work, 3 weeks later, and contacted the client looking for the commercial, the client had not called anyone, including the incumbent producer.

To avoid having the client cancel his contract, I, with the clients consent, took matters into my hands, and contacted a new producer to take on the work.

The incumbent producer found out, and became very upset with me, thinking I was taking business away from him, and that I should have called him to let him know the client was looking for a new ad.

The producer sent me an email threatening to go to my boss, so I contacted my boss and forwarded the letter containing his complaint and threat.

I also began writing a letter, introducing the producer to my boss. A letter both the producer and my boss would receive. I began by sawing in the letter just what a talented producer this producer is, and that he has done a lot of great work for most of my clients.

In the letter, Observed the producers Merit. Then everything changed. Even though I didn’t send the letter. I felt my attitude change. I became less confrontational and more willing to deescalate things. I felt compassion for this person as I realized how my actions hurt him.

Next thing I know, the Producer emailed me back saying there was no need to meet my boss. I responded by saying how it is important to have this matter looked at so it will not happen again in the future. I suggested that I do make mistakes, and I always look for a way to learn from my mistakes. He suggested that we establish a set of guideline. I told him that was an excellent idea.

We are now on friendly terms once more, because of OMAK. I am confident things will work out, so that we have an even better relationship then before.

Thank you for the Teachings.