My Favourite Affliction is Anger

My favourite affliction is anger. The hospital where I work provides me with the opportunity to work on the paramita of patience, an antidote to anger. Yesterday I attended the delivery of a 6-week premature infant who required the insertion an umbilical arterial catheter to provide fluids to the infant. It is a very difficult procedure but went well and the line was perfectly placed. However, the nurse working with me stepped on the line and pulled it out of the infant. Instead of criticizing her, as I would normally have done, I replaced the line after much difficulty and told her that I simply needed the practice. While my mind was still full of things I could have said to her, I said nothing. First to work on my actions, then on the afflictions.

My favourite affliction is anger. Really, the only time my anger arises is when I encounter an unmet expectation. So when I feel myself getting angry, I try and explore the expectation that is being unmet. Often times I find this expectation is silly or plain wrong. By removing this expectation, I remove the affliction of anger and avoid the expression of a non-virtuous action. Work on the afflictions, then on to ignorance.