Lorin and Douglas Panting

It is great to have Lorin and Douglas Panting as our neighbors. Ever since we moved to Little Sands campus, the Pantings have been helping us in many ways: buying vans, fixing vehicles, repairing flat tires, searching houses for rent, finding farmers for food, advices for getting ready for the so-called “PEI’s unbearable severe” winter…you name it ! No wonder Lorin is honorably regarded as the “guardian angel” in this community. Whenever we go to their garage, they always welcome us and ask what they can do for us.

For example, Last summer we had a hatch back SUV and the back door cannot be opened for some unknown reason. We use it for carrying foods and groceries everyday for many monks and having this problem caused lots of inconvenience. Knowing Doug is always busy, we tried to fix it by ourselves. After unscrewed every possible part and even broke some in the back door, we still couldn’t resolve this headache. When I went to Doug, he was repairing another car. As usual, he asked me “What can I do for you? “ He put down his work immediately and sneaked into the back of the SUV. I was touched since he did not quite know me. I wondered “Why he is so nice to me?” That was not all. The job was not an easy task. Under the strong sunlight in this suffocating space, he started sweating heavily. I could do nothing but prayed for him. Trying back and forth with different tools inside the SUV, he finally got the door opened and I was again touched. Wiping his wet forehead with his sleeve, he smiled at me and said “Piece of cake”

There are many things like this between this family and our monastery. Moreover, there are many people like the Pantings who have been helping us in many different aspects. Believe it or not, I think some nice deities welcome us with open arms and things are moving smoothly so far. We are grateful to be here and we believe it is the character of the islanders, or even the Canadians. We really appreciate all the kindness you all have been doing for us and have the opportunity to make lots of great friends like the Paintings.