Joy of Virtuous Deeds

Last summer I, along with a few fellow student monks of GEBIS, once pulled over the van on the roadside because the “check engine” light was lit. One couple stopped and asked if we need any help. Two minutes later, another gentleman stopped his car and also tried to help. He checked the engine and told us not to worry, for it might be due to the malfunction of the computer system. If only one person came to help, I would not have been so surprised. Other monks had experienced similar cases as well.

We all are so grateful to our teachers who have chosen this Island as the ultimate place to study and practice. We also would like to express our gratitude to those who had helped, have been helping and/or will help us in the future, whether they are known or unknown to us.

In the past spring, once I went to visit someone by car. On the way to their home, a man waved at me and asked for help. Without hesitation, our neighbor George, another student monk and myself stopped our car and helped push his car off the road. One lady who was waiting on the road to help also joined in for the rescue. I feel truly blessed when we can do something to help others in return. It truly has a ripple effect when people are helping each other!