Good Deeds of Geese

When I first came to this island in May this year, I stayed in a house by the shore instead. Back in Taiwan the weather is hot and humid; on the island, it feels chill. I really like it here. The island is beautiful and it feels good to live here.

Three Canadian geese.
Three Canadian geese.

It’s beautiful because the environment is clean. The sea is crystal-clear. The air is pure and fresh. It feels good living here because the people here are kind-hearted, honest and peaceful. This is a fortunate place. People on this island are fortunate too. So am I.

There is a lawn outside the house, by the seaside. One day, three geese came upon the lawn. I think the biggest one should be the father, followed by the mother and their child. They were eating grass. I watched them for a long time and discovered an interesting thing: Only two were eating at a time. The third one was stretching his neck, looking out on every angle just like a guard, ready for alert, letting the other two eat at peace. They took turns looking out for each other.

The sight of the geese touched my heart. They know how to team up and help each other, respect and appreciate one another. How about us? We are human, more sophisticated and more intelligent. We should cherish everyone, everything we come in contact in our lives, respect and appreciate them. I heard if someone is able to do these, he is a fortunate person.

I rejoiced the good deeds of the three geese. The rejoicing becomes one of my good deeds. I thank the three wild geese for increasing my kindness at heart. May long-lasting happiness be with them.


(A Student Monk)