GEBIS extends gratitude to Islanders

The Great Enlightenment Buddhist Institute Society (GEBIS) is fortunate to have many individuals, groups, and societies offer their support to aid the organization in
settling and growing on the Island. As the year end is around the corner, GEBIS
would like to summarize the progress for year 2011.

“Thanks to the PEI community and government, GEBIS had a remarkable year in
2011”, says Venerable Liu, president of GEBIS. Venerable Liu continues, “Many
Buddhist practitioners, in both monastic and lay societies, from all over the world,
came to PEI to attend a variety of retreats hosted by GEBIS. We also participated in
many community projects, including dialogues with multi-faith groups, college
students and senior residents. We could not achieve all of these without the
support from all islanders.”

GEBIS feels the year end is a time of extraordinary gratitude, and would like to take
the opportunity to recognize some tremendous contributions from the communities
and the government of Prince Edward Island to GEBIS progress in 2011.

With support from the construction partners, including contractors, architects,
electricians, design engineers, for accommodating GEBIS schedule, doing the
construction rain or shine, explaining local fire and safety regulations to GEBIS
patiently, GEBIS could complete various construction projects on time, in order
to accommodate more Buddhist practitioners and events.

Thanks to many farmers across PEI for organizing farming projects for the
novice monks during the summer retreat, voluntarily offering tractors and
investing labor to unload container shipment from overseas, GEBIS was able to
make the student monks and Buddhist practitioners from all over the world to
enjoy life in PEI.

Thanks to the neighbors’ generosity and support for sharing their facilities for
GEBIS storage use, and offering tips for winter driving, communication and
safety, GEBIS felt the sense of belongingness and hospitality which brightened
up the spirit and neighborhood.

With support and guidance from the government of Prince Edward Island for
listening and understanding, and being respectful for diversity, GEBIS was able
to continue on the mission of training interested individuals to learn advanced
Buddhist philosophy and uphold the Buddhist teachings with motivation for the
better welfare of all beings.

Thanks to all Islanders’ friendliness and generosity, GEBIS was inspired and
determined to work harder to pay back the kindness to the society.

Every bit of support has meant a great deal to GEBIS. For 2012, with the deepest
gratitude in mind, GEBIS will remain committed to further its mission to improve the
health and quality of life for all people.

Since we are new and still learning on this Island, we appreciate your suggestions
and comments. Please email them to: