For a Better Future

Years ago, when I married my husband, I learned with his help that all the faults that we see in so called OTHER are actually our hidden problems that surface when we meet our mirrors and are the things we need to deal with within ourselves. What a realization, what a wake up call. Indeed, it was a hard journey.

Last year we attended the OMAK presentation, it was enlightening to see the presentation in a play, and again it drove the point home. Boy, how did I relate to everything they have said, especially on the play husband-wife situation. After that, my life slowly changed, mind you, not on the outside but on the inside.

My mind is very analytical I have to analyze everything in my own ways so that I can relate and understand. I need to say here, that now, after taking classes on Buddhism, I understand OMAK much better, and therefore, I can practice it much more often, at work and as well at home.

My husband reminds me of OMAK daily in more ways than one, however the problem with human mind I find is that we forget, therefore we have to practice OMAK until the path is established in the mind, than it becomes a tool that is there for us to use anytime, anywhere, and from now on I could even say forever.

Since we’ve moved to here, I was asking for teacher to appear and we all know the clichĂ© “when the student is ready the teacher appears”. You can relate when I say how in ‘AWE’ I was when the monks moved into the property next to ours, and my first thought was the teacher was here. Everything made sense at that point, buying this particular property, everything had its purpose even our struggles, as now I would put it, it is all due to karma. That is not all; we received help from monks with my husband’s health problems after and while having the heart surgery. We do appreciate their kindness and we are so grateful and thankful to have them as our neighbors, and for everything that they have done for us. May Buddha bless them with good health and happiness!

Now, I am looking forward to everyday, so I can practice OMAK, knowing that observing merit and appreciate kindness in others and in myself and in my husband as well, brings me closer to the enlightenment, even if its just step by step. So now when my husband mows over the walnut trees, or blubbery patch, or puts the phone down in conversation, I can use OMAK and realize “Hey, he is still with me and he still has a chance to practice OMAK himself end being alive gives us more opportunities for better NOW, therefore for even better future.”