CBC Land and Sea — “Come From Away”

CBC Land and Sea "Come From Away" episode on GEBIS (Courtesy of Tell Tale Productions Inc.)
CBC Land and Sea “Come From Away” episode on GEBIS (Courtesy of Tell Tale Productions Inc.)

Why PEI?

First time the spiritual leader arrived on this Island, and just loved the serenity of this place and the heart-warming atmosphere.  This is the perfect place for the monks to practice.


The monks faced numerous challenges – a new language and new culture and the harsh Canadian winter.

“The first winter here, nobody had a clue how to drive on the icy roads, nobody knew how to dress up to keep us warm, and a lot of challenges that we have never seen before.

A lot of times we would just end up in the ditch, and friends and neighbours, they knew – oh, there go some monks again, so they will come and drag us out of the ditch, day or night, day after day, during our first year.  Islanders helped us a lot.

~ Venerable Xing-Chang

Wanna learn more how GEBIS is covered in the 2015/1/4 episode?  Check this out for the entire episode in which GEBIS was featured as one of the three come-from-away groups (the first 9:50 and the last two minutes)


For those of you who regrettably  cannot access to CBC player clip due to the regional restrictions, here is the 1-minute sneak preview (Trailer on Youtube).