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GEBIS is fortunate to have many individuals, groups, and societies offer their support to aid our organization in the settling and growing on the island. Therefore we would like to acknowledge some tremendous contributions from the communities and the government of Prince Edward Island to our progress.

With support from the construction partners, including contractors, architects, electricians, design engineers, for accommodating our schedule, doing the construction rain or shine, explaining local fire and safety regulations to us patiently, GEBIS could complete various construction projects on time, in order to accommodate more Buddhist practitioners and events.

Thanks to many farmers across PEI for organizing farming projects for the novice monks during the summer retreat, voluntarily offering tractors and investing labor to unload container shipment from overseas, we were able to make the student monks and Buddhist practitioners from all over the world to enjoy life in PEI.

Thanks to the neighbors’ generosity and support for sharing their facilities for our storage use, and offering tips for winter driving, communication and safety, we felt the sense of belonging and hospitality which brightened up the spirit and neighborhood.

With support and guidance from the government of Prince Edward Island for listening and understanding, and being respectful to diversity, we were able to continue on the mission of training interested individuals to learn advanced Buddhist philosophy and uphold the Buddhist teachings with motivation for the better welfare of all beings.

Tributes to our great neighbor Mr. Lorin Panting

Vigorously Fulfilling the Wishes of All Buddhist Monastics on Prince Edward Island

Tributes to our great neighbor Mr. Lorin Panting

GEBIS monks setting up Merit Boards for Mr. Panting
Monks from GEBIS setting up Merit Boards for Mr. Panting

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When our Spiritual Teacher decided to establish a Buddhist center on Prince Edward Island (PEI), Canada, as the basis of preserving and promoting Buddhist Teachings, we followed along. When we first arrived we knew nothing about this place and did not have friends. We did not even know where to get groceries. Lorin was like the thousand arms and thousand eyes of our Teacher. He seemed to have known that we were coming and thus was ready to help us once we arrived. Lorin was an ethical, warm-hearted man always willing to reach out and help people. Everyone who knows him trusted him. The Panting’s Garage is like a local information harbor. He kindly, vigorously and continuously helped all of us in the Monastery in every aspect of our life on PEI.

Acknowledgement: Thanks to all the inputs from Dharma Masters and supporting staff in the Monastery, including Venerable Yuan-Li, Venerable Xing-Yun, Venerable Xing-Ze (Wen), Dr. Peter Wu, etc., for sharing the memories of Lorin’s merits and kindness so that we were able to complete this tribute. All monastics at GEBIS can thus remember, pay gratitude, pray and dedicate merits to Lorin. Continue reading Tributes to our great neighbor Mr. Lorin Panting

The Kindest Experience


My name is Laurie and I want to let you know how grateful I am for your financial help with the great blue heron I found injured last Sunday. I phoned and a very helpful woman put me in touch with Andy who met me and provided me with cash to take the bird to the Atlantic wildlife Institute for care. It was the most kind experience I ever had and I hope I can repay the favor. If you ever need help with your animals or anything I would love to help.

Many many thanks again,


Good Deeds of Geese

When I first came to this island in May this year, I stayed in a house by the shore instead. Back in Taiwan the weather is hot and humid; on the island, it feels chill. I really like it here. The island is beautiful and it feels good to live here.

Three Canadian geese.
Three Canadian geese.

It’s beautiful because the environment is clean. The sea is crystal-clear. The air is pure and fresh. It feels good living here because the people here are kind-hearted, honest and peaceful. This is a fortunate place. People on this island are fortunate too. So am I.

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GEBIS extends gratitude to Islanders

The Great Enlightenment Buddhist Institute Society (GEBIS) is fortunate to have many individuals, groups, and societies offer their support to aid the organization in
settling and growing on the Island. As the year end is around the corner, GEBIS
would like to summarize the progress for year 2011.

“Thanks to the PEI community and government, GEBIS had a remarkable year in
2011”, says Venerable Liu, president of GEBIS. Venerable Liu continues, “Many
Buddhist practitioners, in both monastic and lay societies, from all over the world,
came to PEI to attend a variety of retreats hosted by GEBIS. We also participated in
many community projects, including dialogues with multi-faith groups, college
students and senior residents. We could not achieve all of these without the
support from all islanders.”

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Buddhists extend gratitude for progress in 2011

Great Enlightenment Buddhist Institute Society recognizes many acts of kindness

The Great Enlightenment Buddhist Institute Society (GEBIS) says it is fortunate to have so many individuals, groups and societies offer support to aid the organization in settling and growing in the province during 2011.

From contractors and farmers to tips on winter driving, the society says it wants to recognize so many acts of kindness.

“Thanks to the P. E. I. community and government, GEBIS had a remarkable year in 2011,” says institute president Venerable Liu.

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Lorin and Douglas Panting

It is great to have Lorin and Douglas Panting as our neighbors. Ever since we moved to Little Sands campus, the Pantings have been helping us in many ways: buying vans, fixing vehicles, repairing flat tires, searching houses for rent, finding farmers for food, advices for getting ready for the so-called “PEI’s unbearable severe” winter…you name it ! No wonder Lorin is honorably regarded as the “guardian angel” in this community. Whenever we go to their garage, they always welcome us and ask what they can do for us.

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My Favourite Affliction is Anger

My favourite affliction is anger. The hospital where I work provides me with the opportunity to work on the paramita of patience, an antidote to anger. Yesterday I attended the delivery of a 6-week premature infant who required the insertion an umbilical arterial catheter to provide fluids to the infant. It is a very difficult procedure but went well and the line was perfectly placed. However, the nurse working with me stepped on the line and pulled it out of the infant. Instead of criticizing her, as I would normally have done, I replaced the line after much difficulty and told her that I simply needed the practice. While my mind was still full of things I could have said to her, I said nothing. First to work on my actions, then on the afflictions.

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Joy of Virtuous Deeds

Last summer I, along with a few fellow student monks of GEBIS, once pulled over the van on the roadside because the “check engine” light was lit. One couple stopped and asked if we need any help. Two minutes later, another gentleman stopped his car and also tried to help. He checked the engine and told us not to worry, for it might be due to the malfunction of the computer system. If only one person came to help, I would not have been so surprised. Other monks had experienced similar cases as well.

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