Buddhist Monks Dialogue with UPEI Students

The Great Enlightenment Buddhist Institute Society (GEBIS) was invited by Dr. Scott Dunbar, Associate Professor of the University of Prince Edward Island (UPEI), to give a dharma talk at the Main Building of the UPEI campus on November 28, 2011.

Venerables Frank and Liu represented GEBIS to conduct a dialogue on Buddhist philosophy to students of Course 221 named “Buddhism East and West”, offered by the Department of Religious Studies. The dharma talk marked a milestone as it was the first time the University invited Buddhist Dharma Masters to give a live lecture to university students.

Venerable Frank, Ph.D. on Metallurgy from Colorado School of Mines, opened the dialogue by introducing his academic background and presenting how he decided to become an ordained monk after receiving his doctoral degree. The real life example opened the eyes of the college students to a different life goal and path. The story by Venerable Frank also brought the Dharma Masters and college students closer and inspired many students in the audience to ask questions on Buddhist philosophy and traditions.

Dr. Scott Dunbar, Associate Professor of Department of the Religious Studies of UPEI, was named by MacLean’s Annual Guide to Canadian Universities as a popular Canadian professor of Religious Studies for three years in a row. He has a wide range of experience with interdisciplinary scholarship, methods, and cross-cultural approaches.

To promote Buddhist principles and how Buddhism makes life happier, GEBIS holds regular Buddhist study groups to local communities in Charlottetown and Montague. For more information about the calendar of the study groups and GEBIS, please contact Geoffrey Yang at 902-316-0134 or email info@gebisociety.net